see if i do do a ‘baddie’ i usually think what would i do…and rp the oppocite, that said I only have one baddie at the moment i think…

That’s an interesting way of doing that.

I never quite got the hang of antagonistic roleplaying. I mean, not to toot my own horn, but I think I can write bad people just fine. Just not in a back-and-forth kind of way. Probably because I’m too afraid I might hurt the person on the other side.


there is a fine line you tread with making roleplay antagonists

on the one hand, yes not everyone can be the same cut out happy go lucky kid, its too boring and stale that way

but on the other hand, you are also roleplaying with other people. there are real feelings you can hurt even if your character is fictional. 

personally i don’t believe any sort of bigotry is needed for a character OR its roleplay. i find it incredibly lazy to write as part of their personality. “wow how amazing you hate a minority of people! you truly are evil!” it’s unimaginative and can also hurt roleplayers (and spectators) that belong to the group of people your character is against.

"but im not like my character!" then tell me why it’s necessary for your character to have any sort of bigoted feelings? more often than not roleplayers DO get heavily involved and invested with their characters. and more often than not your character becomes a small look into how you are as a person.

while real people do exist with heavy bigoted biases in life, roleplay is a lot different deal. especially if it’s the type of roleplay with teenaged kids who master any feasible skill ever. 

I agree with this. I personally don’t do antagonists (Tough some can be pretty antagonistic when they’re angry) and I get that yes, your character ain’t you, but sometimes…. it feels as an excuse, y’know? Like, they’re using the antagonist as a cathartic measure and taking it waaaaay too far.


i just realized i don’t have a headcanon for Stormy, Lucy and Mirta’s favorite foods! 

Icy canonically loves ice cream (hurr hurr get it she’s an ice witch) and I think Darcy probably really likes licorice uwu

Stormy looks like someone who likes fluffy foods. Y’know, spongy cakes, souflés, everything with big buckets of whipped cream.

No I’m not projecting.


still Neightanless *sobs*


*Pats back*

You’re not alone.

Fandoms taught me that viewing a character as asexual is impossible unless that character is aliens, robots, emotionless, or ugly. That if they're shown to care for people, know anything about sex, aren't super shy, or show a lot of personality they can't possibly be asexual, we all know asexuals are either emotionless or shy innocent little angels. Like, thanks guys, not like I'm ace and that implies something rather hurtful.


 i know it#s literally like ‘that character smiled once they cant’t be aseual sorry’

Marc Tomasi & Mehdi Elmorabit - The Pirates
29 plays



Oh hot damn!

This is my jam!
Besides the epic ‘Stadium’ (Which I will upload tomorrow), this is my favorite piece of the GF soundtrack (So of course it’s the shortest beside the intro song). That bassline is killer.

Just started rewatching the series for the 56890390636th time. Reblogging this as a reminder that I need to get the soundtrack.

It’s on ITunes for, like, 10 Euros. Well worth it.

  1. nocakeno said: Yeah. It’s not okay to keep up with that stuff in situations where it could seriously harm someone. A lot of conventional medicine is conventional for a reason.
  2. That’s how I look at it, too. Like, if you want to keep it up, that’s your choice, but don’t go convincing people who decide another way of handling it.
  1. nocakeno said: what a shitty person. what the fuck. what the fuck
  2. Yeah…. My dad’s into New Age. Like, while I firmly disagree, it’s his choice and I respect that, but the fact they’re saying shit like this AND are trying to convince him to just skip over conventional medicine entirely (I’m just relieved he’s not going THAT far) is just pissing me off. Like, I get it. Conventional medicine and health care is FAR from perfect and you’re free to explore other ways, but they’re starting to get extremely obnoxious about it.

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