1. blueeyeslikethesea said: Well, it was “Ghoul Sports,” and … Okay
  2. Yeah…. I took another check and most of them are direct translations or just not bothering with translations at all. (That said, I do kind of like it that they call the Ghouls Night Out line ‘Nachtvlinders’ (Translated: Night Butterflies).
  3. Still…. Damn, that one just…. wow.

Damn, some of these Dutch translations for MH-lines.

I mean, I don’t know the name of the sports line, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Sport is murder.

(No, really, it’s called the ‘Sport-is-moord’ lijn.)


the “you live with your parents” insult is really flaccid because a metric shitton of cultures don’t see “leave the house forever” as some grandiose moment of liberation that’s so important to the development of a person that it has to happen as fast as possible. until i came to the USA i didn’t know a single person who was pressured by their parents to leave the house because they’re “too old to stay there” or whatever. in puerto rico it is really common to stay with your parents until they and you are both stable enough that you can leave. whaddaya know, there are cultures that don’t place a stigma on being poor or wanting to care for your family or needing your family to care for you for some other reason.


"The Jaeger, Crimson Typhoon, is launched in 2018." (Source) (Source)


"The Jaeger, Crimson Typhoon, is launched in 2018." (Source) (Source)


psa: feminazi is a fucking disgusting term that compares fighting for women’s rights to genocide. 

it was coined by rush limbaugh (that alone should be enough to make you stay far far away from it)

it is a racist term, and it is disrespectful to marginalized groups who suffered in nazi germany (so jews, rroma, lgbt folks, people with disabilities, etc.)

do not use it. 

if you disagree with feminists: do not use it

if you are a feminist: do not reclaim it

thank you

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This was recorded by the Portsmouth Sinfonia in an experiment where all the members of the orchestra would swap instruments with each other and attempt to play them to the best of their ability.

favorite things about this

  • literally all the brass starts to get the hang of it and then the crescendos happen and everyone is like FUCK FUCK FUCK??? FUCK. JUST. BLOW RLY HARD.
  • the strings are lazy but also the same. like u can tell a lot of the ppl w/ the stringed instruments may already basically know how to play stringed instruments. like there’s definitely a section at the beginning where you hear a good portion going “oh yeah this is like. a smaller/bigger version of what i do.”
  • all you hear of any woodwinds is just “pffffttt??? pFFFTTTT???? PFFFFFTTTT I SAID PFFFFTTTT!!!!!” bc woodwinds are fucking HARD and you hear after like the first crescendo half of them just give up. they give up. they’re done. fuck this it tastes weird and my lips hurt.
  • that trumpet. that person is fucking TRYING man they fucking GOT this. they may not have figured out notes but they figured out LOUD and they GOT this.



fucking percussion is all “JUST BANG IT. JUST. IT’S NOT THAT HARDCMON.”

Not bad eh? For all my griping, this is probably the best one of my Pies has ever looked. (It’s Tarte Tatin, if anyone’s interested.)

Not bad eh? For all my griping, this is probably the best one of my Pies has ever looked. (It’s Tarte Tatin, if anyone’s interested.)


New Images of Winx Club Karaoke in “The Mystery of the Abyss”!

Of course the two girls missing from the doll line look by far the cutest. OF COURSE! That said, they all look very awesome. You rock that hair, Aisha.


i talk a lot of shit for someone who can’t choose rude dialogue options in games because i’m scared of hurting a characters feelings


Ferguson’s public library welcomes students and teachers this week, while schools are still closed.