I literally never get in discussions in the MH fandom, but oh my freakin god, I cannot take this.

About the poll thing:

I’ve been around EVERY site voting for Ryder. And why?  

My best friend had complications when she was born, and she’s been in a wheelchair ever since. She’s the kind of girl who barely has the courage to do anything and she always though she didn’t deserve to ‘be’ with anyone, because she couldn’t walk and she’d be a bother. 

I’m not just doing this for my friend, but for every person who always gets the ‘sad wheelchair person’ stereotype in the media. Ryder wouldn’t just be any kind of representation; he’s an adventurous, takes chances and he’s out there.

Also, consider if you really need another pink vampire, that most likely will get a doll either way.

About the Harpy girl, she’s cool, but let’s face it, she’s kinda being forgotten because of the whole thing with the other two.

Meanwhile in Holland….
(I swear, they’re not all mine. I only clicked twenty times.)

Meanwhile in Holland….

(I swear, they’re not all mine. I only clicked twenty times.)



Aaaaand, this is what I meant with ‘Some of her more obnoxious fans’.

Don’t you mean her ONE fan?

Yeah….  Thank fuck for that. I’m starting to wonder why I figured there were more of her. But then again, I made that statement before I blocked her and she tended to have a… presence in the tags. I sometimes pick that up as being multiple people.

In funnier news: Either something’s wrong…. or I’m currently the only one to have voted in the poll at the Dutch site.

So yeah, 100% Rider. Eat THAT.

Aaaaand, this is what I meant with ‘Some of her more obnoxious fans’.


"I know representation is important but omg I want a Gory doll think about MY needs for a second instead of your social justice!!"

is basically what v*ampirestakecareofourown is saying.

Yeah, that has got to be the most obnoxious, harmful pity party ever. (Yes, I’m calling it harmful. While I’m glad most of the people I see are supporting Ryder and what he means, there’s still WAAAAAY too many people like her, who think their personal wants exceed those of other, more needing, more deserving people.)

No wonder she likes Gory so much, she acts exactly like her.


So, I reached 100 followers here on this art blog (yay!) and decided I’d do a little art giveaway in celebration of it, so here we are!

There will be three winners chosen. Giveaway will run until 11:59 PM on September 30th, at which it will close and I will choose winners on Oct 1st (using a randomizer of course)

  • 1st place winners will receive one fullbody flat color (with or without simple BG)
  • 2nd place winners will receive one halfbody flat color (with or without simple BG)
  • 3rd place winners will receive either one ‘plushie-lil’ or a flatcolored headshot (with or without simple BG)

I am happy to draw any OC from any fandom or non-fandom, as long as you’re cool with them being drawn in my style. I’m happy to draw any gender and body type, and yes, I am fine with drawing anthro/furry for those who may be curious if I will.


  1. You must be following me (I will check) 
  2. You must reblog at least once. You can then reblog as many times as you like, but please, be courteous to your followers and don’t spam it!
  3. No giveaway blogs!
  4. You can <3 once as well for an extra chance, if you wish.
  5. Your ask box must be open (so I can contact you should you win!)
  6. You have to respond within 24 hours of me messaging you if you won else I will choose another winner.

I think that’s it. First time doing one of these so hopefully I’m doing it right, lol. Anyway, as said above, giveaway shall be open until 11:59 PM on September 30th, so give your reblogs/likes in before then!

Thanks again to all my current and future followers!


i hope everyone knows that rider/finnegan being made into a doll isnt important just because he’s awesome (even tho he is)

but because that’s legit disabled representation in the current biggest doll franchise in the world

that’s HUGE


Who bets the polls gonna be taken down for construction again or something??

Since you can vote infinitely I think they might realize it’s not the best idea.

Screencapped just in case. Because if they do I don’t put them above pulling a ‘Oh look, Gorey won’. They did it before with Scarah.




Wait why is Trina the daughter of a witch that makes zero sense.



what is this poll

on polish site they are reffered to:
Trina Talon: Daughter of a Harpy
Rider: Son of Tritton
Gory Fangtell: Daughter of a Vampire

… How do you go from Triton to a newt?